simba marine

Simba Marine – Built to Perform

Having operated at the Kenyan coast for half a century, AVA is now partnering with the local community to exploit opportunities in the blue economy.

Simba Marine is an arm of AVA that deals in expertly crafted and locally built boats as well as affordable motors for both commercial and leisure use. Simba Marine products are built with a focus on efficiency, safety, affordability, and durability.

These products are supported by local distributors providing after sales service and spare parts.
The fiberglass boats are available in 19ft, 21ft, 23ft and 26ft, all of which can be customized upon request. Our boats are made to international standards, providing the latest designs and top safety features for the East African market.

commercial boat

Commercial Boat

The best quality of fiberglass boats for commercial use

Simba Marine offers a range of quality fiberglass commercial boats suitable for fishing at both Coastal and Lakeside locations. The boats are available in 19ft, 23ft and 26ft. Incorporating modern construction methods and the best materials, these boats provide excellent fishing experience as well as stability for increased safety.
Simba Marine can customize the internal layout of the boat to fit individual requirements and optimize them for commercial activities such as passenger or general goods transport.

sansuri multi-purpose boat

Sansuri Multi-Purpose Boat

One Boat for Everything

Simba Marine offers a range of leisure vessels that seamlessly blend an integrated design, cutting-edge construction methods, and top-quality materials.
With 100% composite mono hull (no wood), the Leisure boats are truly versatile – designed and built for offshore, inshore, rivers, and lakes. The design incorporates many of the latest international trends; a proven dead rise resulting in a very soft and dry ride, good height gunwales offering safety and comfort in big seas, and a beam with a wider-to-length ratio giving you extra stability.
Our leisure boats represent true multifunctionality. They facilitate a multitude of activities, from serious offshore fishing to inshore fishing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing.

The Simba Leisure range gives you the freedom to choose whatever you feel like doing!


Outboard Motors

An efficient lineup of motors backed by a solid maintenance and repair network

Simba Marine also provides a range of outboard motors available in 15hp, 20hp, 25hp and 40hp. AVA’s dedicated engineering expertise supports service, repairs and maintenance of both boats and engines through an established network of dealers and technicians. Additionally, mobile workshops are available along the shores to minimize unproductive time among customers by ensuring quick resolution of problems.