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Success is nothing if we are not of value!

We strive to provide outstanding customer service to all our clients. Our customers are the key to our company’s success, and we pride ourselves on giving each one exceptional service.


We are happy to talk to you anytime on our telephone lines, via our online chat window, or the contact form below. Simply fill in your details, select your topic and send. We shall get back to you without delay.

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    Kwa Jomvu, Muritini
    P.O. Box 86344, 80100 Mombasa
    ​+254 111 039 460
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    AVA is wholly owned by Simba Corporation

    • AVA’s quality standards have been approved by over 40 international vehicle brands.
    • Our team of technicians are exceptionally well trained, experienced and equipped with the latest technology in the industry.
    • We are trusted by our clients based on our reliability and quality of service.
    • AVA has fostered a culture of innovation that supports technology development, skills growth and best practice in the assembly process.
    • The only IATF16949:2016 certified assembler in the region.
    • We are also ISO9001:2015 certified.

    Our IATF certification affirms to our commitment to safeguarding our plant, workforce, and products to international standards. Effective structures are in place to ensure safety of all vehicles.

    Yes, AVA occasionally organizes plant tours for stakeholders including government officials and customers. Strict safety measures must be in place prior to such tours.

    AVA provides equal employment opportunities and bases employment decisions upon individual merit and capabilities. Candidates are engaged without regard to ethnicity, sex, religion, natural origin, marital status, or race.

    Each recruitment process will focus on selecting the best applicant for the role, team, and organisation; presenting the best possible image of AVA; conforming both to current legislation and good employment practice and providing development opportunities for our internal candidates.